Should I move to Australia?

Should I move to Australia? It’s a simple question, but there isn’t an answer that’s right for everyone. Some will say it has great weather, whilst others will say it’s too hot etc, etc……


Yes, it is hot here!!! There’s no denying that.  UV-Radiation is a big problem here, but hey wear a hat, sunnies and suncream and it’s sorted!

Here in Brisbane we’ve had summer temperatures over 40, but the longer term average is in the lower 30s.  Yes, the days over 40 are nasty with high humidity, but there’s a massive pool called the ocean, or if you’re lucky enough (and a lot of Australian’s swear by them) to have a pool, use that.  For us, the days aren’t the problem, the nights are.  Hot humid nights are probably the single worst thing about the temperatures over here (in my opinion), but you can combat that with either a good fan, or air-conditioning…..just watch the electricity meter reading tick over 🙂  Seriously though, the number of really nasty days in Brisbane can usually be counted on a couple of hands.  You may fare better or worse, the only way to know is try it.  Where in Australia is also a big factor to the daytime and nighttime temperatures.  Check this page at the Bureau of Meteorology for detailed information for the whole of Australia.  It’s by far the most accurate too!

Oh and the severe weather events!!!! Tropical storms, bush fires etc….

Cost of living

There’s no denying that it is more expensive to live in Australia than England, but we believe that is countered simply with the fact that the average salary is a lot higher here.  My wife literally doubled her salary (no, it wasn’t the exchange rate!!!) as an Executive Assistant.  Food is more expensive, drinks can be ludicrously expensive, but if you take the time to try things out and go see places, there are far cheaper options out there.

Housing costs in Australia are something to be believed nowadays.  Gone are the days when you could pick up a palatial house on the beach front to next to nothing and then sell it in ten years time for the price of a small county.  House prices have sky-rocketed in recent years, to the point that most GenYers can’t afford a simple house.

A long way from home

Ok, some may not have a problem with this and some may indeed enjoy this fact.  But there are ones who soon realise the colossal distance between England and Australia and yearn to go back home to family


Aside from the fact that Australia is a dangerous place to live with the various killing machines out there in the bush, health care in Australia is (in my opinion) expensive.  The basic and free Medicare is great for the usual run-of-the-mill problems, but if you earn a fair salary you get taxed if you don’t have private health insurance which on the flip side costs a small fortune and can be argued give very little benefit.  Stump the cash for insurance that is difficult to get benefits from or loose cash for not having it…….you decide!!!


One of the first things that hit us when we move to Australia, is that all of those foods that we had grown up with and loved, somehow tasted different…if in the first place you can find it!  Maybe it’s not a real reason for not moving here, but just be aware that the bar of Cadbury’s Dairy Milk WILL taste different, the luscious Cadbury’s Creme Egg will have you thinking it’s been made by Asda!

Whilst we initially found this infuriating and saddening, we quickly realised that you just need to get over it and move on.  Find new foods, new brands, new tastes and if and when you go back to England to visit you can treat yourself and remember the good old days!