Renewing your UK passport

Since mid 2009 it has gotten easier to renew your UK passort in Australia.  Apart from a cost, it is a case of visiting a registered Australian Post outlet that is allowed to process British Passport Applications along with some accompanying information.  If you do not have a Red British passport, please read the sections below for more details on what you need to do

The first step is to find an appropriatly registered Australian Post Office.  This is pretty simple via the Australian Post website.  Select the first option to search for a ‘Post Office’, enter your location details and then click on the ‘Application & Form Lodgement’ section.  When a drop-down appears select ‘British Passport Application’.  The website should now present you with a list of the nearest Australian Post offices that can process your application.

What about my visa?

The website UK in Australia Foreign & Commonwealth Office states that you will need an Australian re-entry visa in your new British passport to re-enter Austrlia and that they DO NOT transfer visas to new passports.  Please call the number provided to speak to the Immigration department on what you need to do

What to take with you

  • form C1 or C2 depending on your age;
  • your exisiting passport;
  • 2 passport photos;
  • the application fee

Form C1 and C2

Use form C1 if you are 16 years of age or over and form C2 if you are under 16 years of age

Your exisiting passport

Your exisiting passport must be a valid one and will be cancelled and returned to you on completion of the application

2 passport photos

MUST be identically sized passport photos.  One of the photos must be counter-signed by the same person that counter-signs your application.  The website UK in Australia Foreign & Commonwealth Office has a page detailing the acceptance criteria for passport photos.

The application fee

The website UK in Australia Foreign & Commonwealth Office has a page on the fees required for renewing passports.  Please note though that prices are in AUD  Work out the price in GBP using the current exchange rate which is always in the top-right of our website.  The application fee is also available in PDF format

Australia Post will also charge you another $50 for the service!!!

Old Black British Passports

If you have one of the old Black passports, your application to renew the passport will be treated as a ‘First Time Application’ which will have to be submitted along with all supporting documentation such as Birth certificat, Marriage certificate etc…  The website UK in Australia Foreign & Commonwealth Office has a page dedicated to first time applicants

Renewing Expired Passports

If your expired passport is less than 10 years expired and is a red passport, then simply complete a new application.  If the passport is more than 10 years expired, or is a Black passport, you will need to apply for a passport as a First Time Applicant and is detailed in the section above