Bad Points


The cost of emigrating to Australia is not a thing to be taken lightly!!! Not only are there the visa costs, but there are other costs such as medicals, shipping costs, costs in moving your money assets over (including pensions), flight costs.  You will most probably be selling your house which means estate agent cost, solicitor cost amongst others.  The benefit of cheaper housing in Australia is dwindling fast as Australia succume to the global pressures of the credit crisis.  You will find the cost of living in Australia comparable to that of the UK with some things cheaper whilst other things will be more expensive.  Recent price hikes around the states are fast moving Australia to a more expensive place to live in than the UK.  Yes you can find cheapish homes around the country but be very aware that these places will more than likely be a long way away from the central hubs of the country (i.e. the cities), as state government are looking at promoting the smaller towns of their states (for example, Townsville in Queensland) due to the rapid increase in population around the cities.  Visit our Moving Costs page for more information on moving costs


It is only natural to get homesick and it affects everyone differently.  Even though now you think you won’t miss anything in the UK, after a few months, you will start remembering things; however small they may be; that gives you a feeling that you have lost something that you just can’t replace wherever you are in the world.  Like frosty or those lovely misty mornings, or those few days of the year when there is actually a good covering of snow.

Family and Friends

Leaving family and friends is another big issue for most migrants, wherever in the world they are.  Keeping some money aside at all times for those emergencies, that can and unfortunately will happen, is always a good idea.

But with the wonders of the phone and internet your family is only a (very cheap nowadays) phone call or webcam session away.  For example, if you sign up to the International Call Value Pack with Telstra, then a call to the UK is only 2c (approximately 1p) a minute after the initial 39c connection charge.  Like the UK, Australia has it’s host of internet providers and most will provide you with what you need at a reasonable price.


Pets can be a problem!  It is a costly affair and time consuming and only dogs and cats can be sent to Australia.  Australian Quarantine and Inspection Service has details on the quarantine procedures and for more information on transporting your pets go to AirPets Oceanic

A Fresh Start

Whilst some of you will relish the challenge of a fresh start to life, some of you will be daunted by it.  It would be easier to stay in the UK and not have such an upheaval, where you will spend probably the first 5 or 6 months adjusting to the new surroundings and ways of operating, whilst spending most of your spare time looking for a house and shopping to make it feel like home.  But don’t let this discourage you.  This is where we are trying to help you, in giving you as much information about emigrating to Australia as we can.  Hopefully after reading through the information on our website, you will make the right decision and take the plunge!