When it comes to shopping in Australia, you will notice quite a difference from the UK

Australia has more of a retail park feel to it, with the high streets still evident, but not as big or as impressive as in the UK.  Saying that though, the retail parks can be very big and will usually have every time of shop that you can think of.  Australian’s are big on their food and each shopping centre in the retail park will have a food court (usually on the bottom floor) and will sell anything from smoothies to pizzas to curry.  Most of the retail parks look and feel the same (good or bad thing???), which means once you have found you way around one, then you’ll be happy in all of them!

Price Comparison with the UK

Price comparison wise, it is a bit of both.  Some items will be cheaper than in the UK, whilst others more expensive.  Some of the more expensive items that we have found are:

  • Food (Yes, this includes chocolate)
  • Electrical Items
  • Cars

Here are some things that we have found to be cheaper

  • Plants
  • Furniture
  • Public transport
  • Petrol!

Shop comparisons

One of the hardest things that we have found is working out where to go for particlar items.  The shop names are different, they often sell different products, the prices are different…so where do you go?  We have put together a simple table that you can use to help you work out where to go

English shop Australian shop
Supermarket e.g. Tesco, Sainsburys, ASDA Woolworths, Coles, IGA
Hardware e.g. DoIt All, Homebase, B&Q Bunnings
Homewares e.g. Debenhams, Marks & Spencers Myer,David Jones
Car shopping etc e.g. Halfords Supercheap Auto,Bob Jane T-Marts
Cheap homewares e.g. Wilkinsons KMart, BigW
Pound shops e.g. Poundstretchers Crazy Clarks
BBQ’s e.g. B&Q Barbeques Galore
Alcohol The Bottle-O