Owning a house

Owning a house in Australia is much the same as it is in the UK.  But there are small differences and in this section we will try to highlight these so they don’t come as a surprise to you


Check out the Telephone section for a list of providers and the services they offer


Australia is a bit behind the UK in terms of internet access speed for residents, but there is a good range of service providers offering reasonable services.   Our Internet gives you a list of thes good providers and what to expect


Rates are much like the good old council tax in the UK.  Check out the Rates page for more information


Both the federal government and the local councils offer a range of rebates to help save you money and your impact on the environment.  Our Rebates page helps you find the rebates on offer and how you apply for them

House Insurance

There are many insurance companies out there offering house and other insurance packages.  Our House Insurance page helps you find the best of them


Check out our Television page to see what Australia offers in the way of television services