Buying Cars

Road Worthiness

One of the main points to keep note of is that it isn’t always compulsory to have your vehicle checked.  The law differs from state to state, so whilst you may think that the car that you are looking at is a lovely 5 year old Subaru, it may be in such a bad condition that it isn’t worth the money.  Always check the car over thoroughly and get an independant inspection if your spending alot of money.

Another thing to remember is that whilst ice on the roads does not occur and so there are gritting lorries running about, salt can still be a problem if the car has lived anywhere near the coast.  So, again, always check the car over thoroughly and get that independant inspector if in doubt.

Rego and CTP Insurance

If you are buying from a main dealership, they will sort both of these out for you.  However, if you are buying privately, you will obviously have to do this yourself.  There are numerous insurance companies in Australia that offer CTP insurance such as AAMI, Allianz and RACQ.  Your Rego can be sorted out at your local transport office.


There are alot of dealerships and cars out there for you to choose from.  Remember that the bargain you see infront of you might not necessarily be the sale of the century, so do your homework and check the car over thoroughly.  The state of Queensland has laws in place to protect the buyer and also to allow you to change your mind.  Basically, you get a couple of days ‘cooling off’, within which if you decide that you have made a mistake, you can pull out of the purchase without recourse.  Other states may offer this also, but at this time we don’t have any more information.

Luxury Car Tax

One rather bizarre thing about buying cars in Australia is the Luxury Car Tax.  This is simply a tax for the rich and adds an additional 33% onto the total cost of your car if it is valued at over $57,180.  For example, if your car is valued at $100,000 at the dealership, then the total price including the luxury car tax will be $112,863.  Thats a staggering $13K for nothing!  Please check the ATO webpage above for any amendments to the legislation

If your thinking of importing your car from the UK, then the luxury car tax may still apply to you. The ATO website has a seperate page on the subject of importing luxury cars