Finding a Job

Your CV

Before you leave for Australia make sure that your CV is up to date, but beware, most recruitment agents and employers prefer a slightly different format to a CV than here in the UK.  Generally a detailed personal profile should be first, followed by your work experience and then your education.

Personal Profile:
Try not to put more than 3 sentences about yourself and write about yourself in the third person

Work History:
Blah blah blah

Blah blah blah

If you know when you will be in Australia, try planning ahead and begin to apply for jobs posted on the usual websites which you will find below.  It is a great idea to do this before you leave Australia as it will get you in contact with the recruitment agents who will also assist you in re-formatting your CV for the Australian market place.

You will most likely need to chase up your applications directly with the recruitment agents by visiting their offices.  Keeping regular correspondence via email is also a positive step to building that all important relationship.


Expect the first interview for a job to be carried out by the recruitment agents.  After a successful first interview you will be forwarded to the client for any subsequent interviews, so please be prepared for the ‘visit’ to the recruitment agents as it most probably could be the first interview for your dream job!  Depending on the position that you are applying for you may also need to take some tests at the agents office

You may be thinking that it is pointless the agent interviewing you as they are not the ones that will be employing you in the end, but this is not the case.  If you stick to a core few recruitment agents, they will have a better understanding of your skills and abilities and should be best placed to find you a job that both the employer is happy with, aswell as yourself.

As with job hunting anywhere in the world, you will have some disappointments, but Australia is desperate for skilled workers and there are plenty of jobs there.  Just remember to be prepared and your research.  Most of all though, good luck!

Useful Job websites

Probably the most popular job searching website in Australia is Seek with over 200,000 jobs all around Australia.  It has a dedicated IT website at Seek IT Jobs

Seek Image

Another useful job searching website in Australia is with over 250,000 jobs all around Australia Image

Another useful job searching website in Australia is Careerjet with over 200,000 jobs around Australia

Careerjet Image

If you have already got your visa you can register for free on the offical migrant website and get your details put on their database

Skilled Migrant Image