Jobs in Australia

Finding a job in Australia should be pretty easy if you come prepared with the mindset to fit into their ways of thinking and doing things  We have prepared a few tips on our Finding a job page, to help you get a foot in the door at your ideal job

Everyone who earns an income in Australia and pays tax is required to lodge an annual tax return which is a self-assessment and is not done automatically for you by your employer.  You can get agents/accountants who will do the return for you, but if you have a single job then it will not be too difficult to do this yourself.  The Australian Tax Office (ATO) is the official website and contains excellent information for those new to the system and holds everything that you may need to complete your return.  Be aware though….one thing that is different and may take a bit of getting used too is that their financial year is from 1st July to 30th June the next year.

If you have a skill in the MODL then your application for a skilled migration visa is made all the more simpler.  However, this does not guarantee you a job in Australia.  Our page Finding a job list some useful websites that will help you find the job that you are after.  Before you start working in Australia, you should apply for a tax file number.  If you don’t do this immediately you will end up paying more tax until you do!

Recently developed by the Australian Government, is a website dedicated to helping migrants find a job in Australia.  It is only available to those who have already succeeded in gaining their migration visa and you will need your visa grant number in order to register on the site. It is a brand new website and so doesn’t have a large database of job opportunities yet. But it is Australia’s official site, so in time it will become the place to look.

Self-Employed or starting a business

Certain visas allow you to own and operate a business in Australia.  What was the Skilled Migrant BN Subclass 136 allows exactly this.  This particular visa has now been superseeded by the Subclass 175 visa which should allow the same flexibility.  The Immigration department’s website does not specifically state whether or not a particular visa allows the holder to own or operate a business, so simply drop them an email and ask.  Usually you’ll receive a reply within a couple days.

If you are self-employed, please be aware that this can make the process of obtaining a mortgage a bit more tricky.  See our Mortgages section for more information.