Layby Shopping

Layby shopping is a system that allows the consumer to buy a product that they may not currently be able to afford.  In this way it is similar to interest free credit, but that is where the similarity stops

With interest free credit you get the product immediately (after the usual credit check of course), but with layby shopping it (as the name suggests) parks the product to the side where it sits until you have paid off the full amount.  Once the full amount has been paid, the product is finally yours to keep.  This is especially useful for those with a poor credit history.

Often there will be a minimum spend limit before you are allowed to use the layby scheme, and expect to put down a deposit.  Of course though, if you don’t keep up the layby payments you don’t get the product and you will more than likely loose the payments that you have already made.

Only a handful of shops run this scheme, but ask at the cash counter just in case you cannot see a sign.  Here is a list of shops that we currently know off, but there may be more:

After checking with Bunnings we can confirm that they do not offer a Lay By service.  However, they do offer Gift Cards which they believe often work in replacement of a Lay By scenario.  Their Gift Cards have no expiry date and are redeemable at any of their stores.