Australian Visas

To stay in Australia at any one time for longer than 12 months you need to get a visa other than a holiday type visa such as a Skilled Business Visa.  There are many different types of visa available to choose from and each has it’s pros and cons.

Many would lead you to believe that the process of getting an Australian visa will practically destroy you, both physically and mentally.  Whilst others will tell you that a getting the visa through an agent is the ONLY way to get a visa.  In the end, the visa process for Australia is a well defined process that, if you follow correctly, should not leave you within an inch of your life, or your pocket!  Yes, it is a long drawn out process, but Australia are very selective on who they let into the country….quite a bit different from the UK!

Many of the bad experiences documented on the web of obtaining a visa have been through the selection of poor agents, simply through their own human error in filling out the application forms, or because or poor selection of the visa type they are trying to obtain

Our Applying for a visa webpage holds some more information on visa selecting and what the process generally entails.

Australia’s own immigration site has everything you need from start to finish and don’t let an agent or anyone else tell you otherwise.  The website is simply laid out and is design to drive you to the correct visa that you need.  Now, there may be more than one visa that is suited to your needs and this is where simple emails come into play.  Send them an email explaining your current situation and what visas that you are looking at and they will help you….they are there to help you in the end so use them!!!  Each visa type on the website has 5 sub-headings to help you decide which is the correct visa for you:

  • About this visa
  • How this visa works
  • Eligibility
  • Obligations
  • Applying for this visa

If all you are doing is looking to go for a holiday reccy to see what Australia is really like, you will need a Electronic Travel Authority

Our Links page gives you a good resource of links you may need for visa applications