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After spending time applying for visas and in Australia, it was clear that for the average Pom, there is a lot to learn about how our friends down under operate day to day.  Looking at all possible areas that you may encounter, EmigratingToOz.com has been created to give you, the user, everything you possibly need to hit the ground running.

This site has been created to give you a central point for information about emigrating to Australia.  After searching many sites on the web, it was clear that there was no single website that held all of the information that a potential migrant might need.  Some centered purely on the process of the complicated visa process whilst others gave glib overviews of most topics and none of them seemed to be up to date.

All of the information on this site is free for you to use and any opinions stated here are our own and do not represent anybody else, but we do ask that if you do find it useful, please put a link to us on your website.